What Do People Want From Sales?


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By Greg Winteregg, CEO


The deal they’re getting isn’t the most important thing to them. 

In my last blog I talked about what one hundred people on Clearwater Beach found they didn’t like about Sales Reps.  They don’t want someone who is ‘rude, pushy, harassing and lies’.  That seems pretty reasonable and we all probably could have guessed that from our own personal experiences when being sold.   The answer to what they DO want may be as logical, but for certain reasons, isn’t always applied.  The answer to the last question we asked you will never guess.

The results:

With regard to sales experiences with sales reps they have dealt with……..

What did they consider Good?

  • 42% said they liked it when the sales rep was ‘nice, interested in them and helpful’.

What did they consider Valuable?

  • 52% said the wanted the sales rep to be ‘honest, kind and friendly’

Think about the sales people that you go back to and refer friends and relatives to.  They have these characteristics.  They’re friendly, helpful and kind; but notice that they always ask for the money and then you pay them with no feelings of ill-will.  You may even hug them!  Does that really make sense after you just gave them a lot of money?!  Of course it does.  They helped you.

Separating factor: Good Sales vs. Bad Sales

So here’s my assessment of what distinguishes the reps you like from the reps you don’t like.  The ones you like are there to help you as they sell you.  They are there to help you solve a problem.  They ask you a lot of questions as to what you want and what kind of problem you’re trying to solve.  Also, they actually listen to your answers. 

So, in sales, you have to truly want to help your prospect. Bottom line.

On my one-day Peak Performance Training, I have the class do a drill in the shops at International Plaza Mall.  The assignment is to walk into a store and see if anyone tries to help you.  What happens is really sad.  One participant said the clerk was texting on their phone, casually looked up and said, “Holler if you need any help”.  Another wanted to buy a belt, was holding it in his hand and the clerk kept trying to direct him to the products that were on sale.  He was never asked about the belt he was holding so he put it back on the rack and left.  I could write a book about these ridiculously bad sales reps but the bottom line is they were either into their ‘pitch’ or didn’t care at all.

Money or personality? Survey says…

I save the best for last; because ‘everybody knows that it’s always about the money’. 

What did they consider Infinitely Valuable?  (this means what was by far the most important thing they looked for when being sold that meant the most to them)

  • 39% said ‘nice, friendly and in good communication’

  • 19% said ‘product knowledge’.

That’s very interesting, but I thought everyone wanted a ‘good deal’.  Where did that rank?  A whopping and astounding 6% said getting a ‘good deal’ was what was most important to them.

SAY IT ISN’T SO!!!!  So they care more about someone caring about them and understanding the product to answer their questions than they do about getting a good deal?!?!?!  Yep.  

So, my conclusion is that if you like to help people and you have a product or service that you believe in, I can teach you how to sell.  We’re doing it every day at Matterhorn and I suggest you attend our next Free How To Sell Anything seminar to learn more.  And let me help you double your income in the next six months.


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