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From getting paid hourly... to profitable business owner... in 6 months

"I always dreamt of doing more and having more but figured where I was at was as good as it was going to get? I was passionate about barbering but grinding away in an ‘OK’ hourly gig, working for someone else, with dwindling opportunity for professional development…

With an absolute gut-full of that situation I signed up to [Matterhorn's] Profit Pod to see if I could get these hopes and dreams off the ground. Through this mentoring I was shown that hard work and planning is absolute for success and if you’re willing to put in the work and develop your mindset you can achieve anything.

Exhibit A:
• I’ve gone from getting paid hourly.
• To working for myself.
• To becoming a profitable business owner. All in 6 months.

I was coached to understand the key business pillars, to hone in on each one, create an action plan and then EXECUTE. Throughout this coaching I was able to gain feedback on my plans and results each week from seasoned business minds. I feel so privileged to have been able to find like minded people that were willing to give me genuine feedback and I felt like I could ask any question without being judged.

This testimony might sound like something off late night shopping TV, all the glory but none of the guts, but this my legit 6-month journey. Don’t believe me, you can check out the progress for yourself over on my Instagram @blackflagbarbering.

If I hadn’t done Profit Pod I’d still be working for an hourly wage wondering if it was the right time to act. "
Bart Butcher

Mentors who care

10% Growth in Profits in One Quarter!

“I tried to do Profit First prior to that and it just wasn't working out great for me. I just wasn't getting all the pieces of the puzzle.”

“And we just finished the second quarter numbers and I had them happy to announce that even during a pandemic my office has grown and our profits grew by over 10% which is just absolutely utterly amazing.”

“I would tell someone if they're thinking about using Matterhorn business is: do it. ....don't wait, because the success for me happened instantly and it has provided me with more ability to spend more time with my family while my business has continued to run and for me that's really 360 degrees of success.”
Dr. Theresa Hartley

My business has skyrocketed

“Matterhorn business development is so much more than the name on the sign. Greg Winteregg and his team develop business "people" to do better in business! I hired Matterhorn Business Development only 4 months ago and my business has skyrocketed. At the time Covid 19 was new and things were even more unsure. Business had halted and I was stuck.

“After my very first meeting with Greg Winteregg and his team, they gave me more than hope, they gave me something to do and a perspective to give me a running start. My business has been booming ever since and better than any other time before.

“Needless to say it has all been during the Covid 19 Pandemic. Matterhorn continues to guide me up and forward as well as making me accountable for my actions for things that are most important. The best coaches and mentors are brave enough to be honest enough to make a difference and Greg Winteregg with Matterhorn Business Development is the very best! “
Robert Paolini
Realtor and Author #1 Best Seller on Amazon "Good T.A.L.K Great Sales"

55% Revenue Growth in 7 Months!

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"We just lacked a lot of direction. Things have changed a lot. We have a lot better clarity between the two of us. We agree more on how to run the business, so things are going smoother that way. The biggest difference I see is just agreement on how to handle certain situations. Just overall we're just happier, we have more direction, we can work better together.

We did see a change in our statistics. We're keeping track of them much better. We have better direction on what to keep track of and the numbers just keep going up. The income is going up as well and it's just nice to be able to keep track and watch it grow.

With Matterhorn, I feel like I have someone kind of on my side.

The weekly time with Greg has been absolutely fantastic for both Tracy and I

"We've come together on a lot of things things that we've disagreed with, or about, in the business. We've been able to come together really nicely. Our advertising, the marketing, a lot of the things that we're doing, they’ve just become a lot easier.

I would say the biggest win that we've had since working with Matterhorn is we've had our biggest year financially that we've had in my 25 years of being a chiropractor. That has just been exciting for us.

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1. Profit Assessment

We start with an assessment to determine the current health of your business.

2. Custom Roadmap

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3. Results

Through regularly scheduled calls, we’ll guide you in executing the plans we’ve laid out in step 2 so you can achieve the freedom of working ON your business instead of IN your business.