How to Deal with Multiple Decision Makers

What do you do when you have multiple decision makers? Obviously there’s a right way and a wrong way, but what if you could increase your closing percentages in these situations? With this one simple tip, you can.

Handling Objections: Persistence

When do you leave off and when do you persist through to the end of the sale? Sometimes it’s a little more clear, but not always. In this video CEO, Greg Winteregg goes into more detail on the subject of when to persist and how to do it without blowing your prospect up.  

Helping the Prospect With Their Problem

Have you paid attention to your pitch? Do you just jump straight into it before talking to your prospect? Before you just disregard this and definitely before you start pitching (and not selling) more and more prospects, watch this video and find out how to truly help and close. 

The Only Real Key to Sales Success

In our last blog, we went over the one rule to follow in sales if you follow nothing else. In this issue, we wanted to expand on that rule and give you the details behind it as well as what CEO and Speaker, Greg Winteregg, can do to help you or your sales team close more deals and do it the right way. 

The Number One Rule in Sales

What’s the most important thing to remember when you’re selling? Is it qualifying? Asking questions or always having the answers? That’s all key to success, but there is one underlying reason why sales die and why the game has gotten harder over the years. Learn the secret here and blow your quotas away.

Money Doesn’t Matter in Sales

Do you need to cut your prices in order to make more sales? You might be surprised about the degree to which your customers care about the price when everything else is in place. Before you start to cut down on your profits, read this blog.

Marketing 101 For New Businesses Part II

As a follow up to Marketing 101 For New Businesses, we’re going over Google +, LinkedIn, Paid ads and more to help you get your products and services out there. The key is available to unlock your business so learn the basics here!

Marketing 101 For New Businesses Part I

Starting a business and have no idea how to market it? We’ve all been there. The good news is that there is a lot of information out there that can help you get going. In this issue and it’s second part, we go over some basic initial steps you can take to start and scale your business.

How Not to Sell

There are hundreds of ways to sell virtually endless types of products or services. Wait! Are there? There are definitely a lot of techniques that don’t work and those are all to prevalent in business. Here are a few of the major DON’Ts in sales.

Our Sales Philosophy

Are you tired of reading the same sales training material and getting the same information that doesn’t really help? Turn your sales failures into sales success and start winning the game with us. Read this blog to get a deeper idea into our history and what we’re all about.