Maximizing Profitability in Your Business: Three Essential Strategies

Today we’re talking about three essential ways to increase profitability in your business, ensuring that you keep more cash in your pocket. As an expert in helping clients grow their businesses and manage their money profitably, I’ll provide valuable insights to boost your bottom line. Let’s dive in! Pricing for Profitability The first step to […]

5 Things to Cover in Weekly Team Meetings | How to Run a Staff Meeting Effectively

Today we’re hearing from the late Founder of Matterhorn, Greg Winteregg. This is a topic that’s crucial for any successful team: the weekly team meeting. We all know how essential these gatherings are for maintaining a strong and cohesive team, but what exactly should be covered during those meetings? I’m going to walk you through […]

The Real Reason Your Business is Failing | What Marcus Lemonis from The Profit Does Right

There’s been something on our minds…. You can blame Yelp for your struggling business. You could also blame the economy, or the president, or the bank for not giving you a loan. But there is one common denominator to all struggling businesses. Don’t worry though! There is something you can do about it! Neil and Greg Winteregg drop some serious truth bombs in this video!

How to Become the Master of Time – Part 3

Are you tired of being overworked? In the third and final part of this series, we address how to finally be able to step back, take some vacation time, and no longer stress about work.

How to Become The Master of Time – Part 1

There just never seems to be enough time in the day to get done everything you need to get done. In the first of this three part series, Greg gives you some tips on how to master time and never worry about it again.

Why Choose Matterhorn?

There’s a lot of sales training and sales coaches out there. So, what sets Matterhorn apart from the rest? In this video, Greg and Neil tell you exactly how we go about things and why we are different.

4 Things to Do When Sales are Slow

Are sales slow? Are you getting fewer closes than before? Well, it’s not because of anyone or anything else but yourself. But, don’t worry. Neil lays out 4 simple steps in this video to help you get your mojo back.