How to Find Skilled Labor Employees


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Hey there, it’s Abby Johnson from Matterhorn Business Development! Today, let’s dive into the world of skilled laborers and how you can attract top-notch talent to elevate your business. Many of my clients, especially in home services and B2C industries like HVAC, lawn care, and pest control, face the challenge of finding skilled labor. These roles demand specific expertise, making the hiring process a bit different than, let’s say, bringing on a front desk person for a chiropractor. The struggle is real, but fear not, there are strategies to find those rockstar employees who not only possess the right skills but also align with your company culture.

The Journey to 10 Johns: Navigating the Hiring Game

You might feel like finding exceptional talent is similar to searching for a needle in a haystack. It’s true; the process can be challenging, but the key is persistence. Imagine your ideal employee, let’s call him John, a true rockstar in your business. Now, envision having a team of 10 Johns. It’s a journey, not a destination. Building a team of skilled laborers involves constantly hiring, refining, and growing. With more than five employees, your business is likely a revolving door of hiring – people move, quit, or, occasionally, need to be let go. Embrace the journey, knowing each hire is a step closer to assembling your dream team.

A client of mine recently had a standout employee, let’s call him John, who earned a promotion due to his exceptional performance. My advice to the client? You need 10 Johns. Understand that finding these gems may require going through a few less-than-ideal candidates. The journey may involve a trial and error process, but the goal is a team of skilled, reliable individuals. By consistently hiring, you increase the odds of discovering those diamonds in the rough who will contribute to your business’s success.

Tapping Into Your Network: Beyond Traditional Hiring

While online platforms like Indeed, Craigslist, and Monster are common avenues for recruitment, don’t overlook the power of your personal network. Leverage existing connections to find potential employees. Ask your customers, check with your community groups on Facebook, and explore local networks like church communities. Sometimes, the best hires come from unexpected places. By broadening your search beyond conventional channels, you increase the likelihood of finding skilled laborers who may not be actively looking for a job but are a perfect fit for your team.

Exploring your personal network not only reveals potential candidates but also taps into the power of word-of-mouth recommendations. People in your community might know someone with the skills you’re seeking, creating a more direct and personal approach to hiring. So, don’t hesitate to spread the word among your connections and let them be your allies in building a top-tier workforce.

Crafting Your Own Skilled Workforce: The Mentorship Advantage

In a landscape where skilled laborers seem scarce, consider a revolutionary approach – creating your own skilled workforce. Young, ambitious individuals, perhaps bypassing the traditional college route, are eager for career paths and opportunities. You can be the mentor they seek, guiding them towards becoming skilled laborers tailored to your business needs.

Set up a training area within your business.This dedicated space allows potential employees to practice specific tasks under your guidance. By investing time in mentoring these individuals, you ensure they adopt your preferred methods and practices. While it may take time before they’re ready for independent work, the payoff is immense – a workforce that aligns perfectly with your business standards.

Embracing the Mentorship Advantage: Cultivating Skills from Scratch

Creating your own skilled workforce requires a paradigm shift. Instead of grumbling the shortage of skilled labor, become a mentor and guide individuals eager to learn. Identify those hungry for a career path, even if they lack experience. Your mentorship can shape them into valuable assets for your business.

Consider scenarios where you encounter young, ambitious individuals during your daily life – at a smoothie shop, a local event, or even in your neighborhood. Strike up conversations and identify those who may not be pursuing traditional educational routes but are open to learning new skills. By offering mentorship and a clear career path, you not only fill the skills gap but also foster loyalty among your workforce. It’s a win-win situation where your investment in time pays off with a team of skilled professionals who genuinely care about the success of your business.

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The shortage of skilled laborers shouldn’t be a roadblock but an opportunity to shape the workforce you desire. Embrace the journey of hiring, tap into your network, and consider the revolutionary approach of creating your own skilled workforce through mentorship. Building a team of skilled laborers is a strategic investment that pays off in the long run, ensuring your business thrives with a reliable, competent, and enthusiastic workforce.

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