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GM Closing Plants | The Business Newsroom Episode 5

So GM is closing plants and laying off workers. Obviously, seeing people lose their jobs is not fun. But in terms of a business decision, is this good or bad for GM? What does this mean for you as a business owner? Watch as Greg and Neil Winteregg as they duke it out with their differing opinions on the matter.

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How to Be Successful in Business Networking

We’ve all been to those networking meetings that are awkward, or empty, or just people trying to sell you on something the whole time. Are you tired of that? Well, Neil is too. That’s why he started his own networking meeting on his own terms. He’s now grown this networking meeting to be successful and FUN. Yes. It is actually FUN. Check out the video for his story and some tips on how you can improve your own networking.

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Uber Valuation | The Business Newsroom Episode 1

In this edition of The Business News Room, Greg and Neil Winteregg dive into the valuation of Uber and how this is affecting small business owners. Is bringing in 2.8 billion dollars in revenue really an accurate measure of success? Watch and find out!

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