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Growth + Profitability = True Freedom

We’ve created a simple two-part process to help not only grow your business, but ensure it is profitable while doing so.

After nearly three decades of delivering seminars to business owners to help them grow their businesses, our CEO, Greg Winteregg, developed a specific methodology for business growth. What he found along the way is that he was helping businesses grow, and yet they “still had no money.”

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In 2019, he found the perfect second half to our program in the book Profit First by Mike Michalowicz and promptly made sure he and Abby got certified in the system. Profit First is a cash flow management system that ensures you, the owner, are paying yourself first and maximizing the profitability of your business.


Profit First

We are Certified Profit First Professionals. This means we are one of the few companies who have been trained specifically on the system presented in Profit First  by author Mike Michalowicz.

1. Free Instant Assessment

We start with a free Instant Assessment. This is a cursory look at your financials to see where you currently stand and we will show you have you can instantly increase your profitability.

2. Profit Assesment

Next we do a full Profit Assessment (starting at $500). This is a deep dive of your financials so we can create a Profit Plan for you to follow moving forward. This plan will ensure you are paying yourself consistently, taxes are paid on time, and that the business is always profitable.

3. Mentoring Package

From here, we will determine which one of our monthly mentoring packages will be right for you (starting at $995 a month). We will speak regularly, using The Matterhorn Process, to guide you through the growth process of your business.


The Matterhorn Process

Now that we have created a profitable foundation for your business, you are ready to take your business to the next level and we move through the Matterhorn process, laid out in our founder Greg Winteregg’s book Fun at Work.

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1. Your Basic Purpose

We start with a two-hour strategy session to help you craft your Basic Purpose, which will set your vision and goals for your business.

2. Strategy & Action Plan

Then, we create Strategic Plans and step by step Action Plans for each of the 4 areas of your business.

3. Regular Meetings

This is when we move to monthly, biweekly, or weekly calls (depending on your package) that usually last an hour. During each call, we go over these Action Plans to hold you accountable, ensure you are making progress, and help address any barriers you are encountering along the way.

plans and Pricing

Monthly Service Packages

Explorers Package


Per month

Online course and community: For self-paced progress

  • Weekly group mentoring call
  • Self-guided online course content
  • Customizable spreadsheets and templates
  • New training released each month
  • Private community of business owners
Trail Blazers Package


Per Month for 6 Months

Group mentoring: For steady growth and profitability

  • Weekly group coaching calls
  • Personal feedback on completed templates and assignments
  • 2 one on one calls
  • Self-guided online course content
  • Customizable spreadsheets and templates
  • Profit First Resource Library with everything you need to implement Profit First
  • New training released each month
  • Private community of business owners
Elite Access


Per Month for 6 Months

One on one mentoring: For rapid growth and the highest level of support

  • Twice per month strategy calls, one on one
  • Quarterly strategic planning sessions
  • Establishing key statistics
  • Quarterly Profit First review
  • Profit First Resource Library (with custom spreadsheets)
  • Bonus/Associate compensation strategy sessions
  • Pricing Analysis
  • 24 hour phone response
  • 1 business day email response


*Due to limited availability, we require all 1-on-1 clients to first book a call so we can make sure this is the right package for you and that we have an opening for you.


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