The Sales Floor: Sales Scripts

Can you increase your sales with sales scripts? In this video, Neil addresses the topic of scripts and how they can or can’t affect your sales. This will make you see cold calling in a whole new light.

Meet Matterhorn: Sales Tips & Our Philosophy

Meet Greg & Neil Winteregg, two sales veterans at the helm of Matterhorn. In this video they tell their stories and give their takes on modern sales techniques, as well as address what really sets Matterhorn apart from the rest.

You Will Never Make Money Unless…

So, you’ve got an expertly crafted product, or extremely well delivered service, and you’re ready to make lots of money with it. That’s great, but there’s more to business than just having a great product. Keep reading to find out more.

Why People Love Their Sales Rep

As a follow up to our last blog on why people DON’T like being sold, we now address the other side of things. What makes a customer refer their friends and keep coming back to you?

Myth Busting: The First One to Talk Loses

Ever heard this one before? Look, this isn’t a staring contest. This is about caring for your prospect and helping them get what they need to solve their problem.

Handling Objections: It’s Something Else

So, you’ve tried everything. You’ve given them multiple solutions to their multiple problems, but they still won’t close. You KNOW your product can help them, but they still won’t commit. Now what?

How to Deal with Multiple Decision Makers

What do you do when you have multiple decision makers? Obviously there’s a right way and a wrong way, but what if you could increase your closing percentages in these situations? With this one simple tip, you can.

Handling Objections: Persistence

When do you leave off and when do you persist through to the end of the sale? Sometimes it’s a little more clear, but not always. In this video CEO, Greg Winteregg goes into more detail on the subject of when to persist and how to do it without blowing your prospect up.