Are You Devaluing Your Product or Service?

The Tale of a Tempting Offer: A Lesson in Pricing Integrity In my line of work, selling home service supplies, I often find myself competing with businesses offering a wide range of prices. Some are outrageously expensive, while others seem suspiciously cheap. Recently, a potential customer approached me after receiving a quote of $4,200 from […]

Sears Closing and the Death of Retail | The Business Newsroom: Episode 3

This week Neil is flying solo for the Business Newsroom. He discusses the imminent closing of all Sears, and what the future is of retail. Will retail die completely? How do we keep retail alive? Here at Matterhorn we vote that all Sears now get turned into indoor go kart tracks! What do you think?

Why Sales Training Sucks

In this video, our Director of Sales Training, Neil Winteregg, will tell you what selling ACTUALLY is, and what you should be looking for in your sales training.

Why Choose Matterhorn?

There’s a lot of sales training and sales coaches out there. So, what sets Matterhorn apart from the rest? In this video, Greg and Neil tell you exactly how we go about things and why we are different.

4 Things to Do When Sales are Slow

Are sales slow? Are you getting fewer closes than before? Well, it’s not because of anyone or anything else but yourself. But, don’t worry. Neil lays out 4 simple steps in this video to help you get your mojo back.

Prospecting by the Seat of Your Pants

Do you dismiss some of your leads because they “definitely don’t have the money” or “are definitely too old” or any other reason? If so, you are probably damaging your close ratio just by making this one mistake. Check out what Neil has to say on this point, and what you should be doing instead.

The Characteristics of a Salesperson

What attributes should you have as a salesperson? Should you be “tough,” “persistent,” “cocky?” See what Neil has to say about this one.