Profit First: Replace & Grow

I’m excited to share a game-changing secret with you: how to replace yourself in your business and watch it thrive without your constant presence. We all dream of scaling our businesses, but who wants to work 80 hours a week to make it happen? The key lies in smart strategies, specifically, Profit First. The Challenge […]

Profit First: How It Puts Your Business and Employees First

Today I want to dive into a topic that’s been a bit misunderstood in the world of business finance: Profit First. If you’ve ever wondered whether implementing the Profit First system means putting your employees on the back burner, let’s clear that up right away. Dave Ramsey, the renowned financial expert, once mentioned that it […]

Profit First: Why Using Spreadsheets is More Difficult

The Spreadsheet vs. Multiple Bank Accounts Dilemma I’ve seen it myself – people trying to implement Profit First opt for the spreadsheet method, thinking it’s a quicker way to get started. In some cases, like rare circumstances where opening multiple business bank accounts isn’t possible, a spreadsheet might be a temporary solution. But let me […]

How to Start Using the Profit First Cash Flow Management System

We’re diving into the world of Profit First, a revolutionary approach to managing your money as a business owner. Here at Matterhorn we are certified Profit First professionals, trained directly by Mike Michalowicz, the author of the book “Profit First,” and his team. Today, we’re here to share our insights on how to get started […]

Managing Family Finances: Joint vs. Separate Accounts

Hey there, it’s Abby Johnson from Matterhorn Business Development. My primary mission is to empower business owners to boost their revenues and profits. As a certified Profit First Professional, I dive deep into the financial challenges of businesses. However, an inevitable aspect of my work involves delving into personal finances with my clients, especially for […]

Profit First: What is Real Revenue and Why You Should Know Yours

Today we’re going to answer another frequently asked question about Profit First. If you’ve been on a journey of exploring Profit-First strategies, you’ve likely come across the term “real revenue.” In this blog post, we’ll dive into the concept of real revenue and discuss how understanding and increasing it can significantly impact your business’s profitability. […]

PROFIT FIRST BANK ACCOUNTS: Frequently Asked Questions

Hey there, it’s Abby Johnson from Matterhorn Business Development, and I’m here to tackle some of the most frequently asked questions about the Profit First system. As a certified Profit First professional, I’ve helped numerous businesses implement this game-changing financial strategy. Today, I’ll be diving into the nitty-gritty details of Profit First accounts and providing […]

Profit First Debt Reduction: Maximizing Rewards While Paying Down Business Debt

We’re diving into an exciting topic today – how to effectively reduce debt while implementing the Profit First system. If you’re not yet familiar with Profit First, check out our previous YouTube videos for a comprehensive overview. Stick around to the end, because I’ll be sharing a fantastic spreadsheet resource with you. One common concern […]

Managing Large Payments: A Profit First Approach for Financial Success

Choosing Your Allocation Frequency: One of the fundamental principles of Profit First is selecting an allocation day, a specific time frame to manage your money and distribute it among different accounts. While some may opt for a monthly allocation, I personally recommend a more frequent approach, such as bi-weekly or weekly, depending on your financial […]

The Shocking Truth About Your Client Base: Unveiling the Power of Profit Analysis

The 89% Revenue Revelation Strategics carried out a careful investigation, sorting each company’s clients into four sections based on revenue. They ranked clients from the highest revenue generators to the lowest. The result was astonishing. The top quarter of clients generated a staggering 89% of the total revenue. Yes, you heard it right—89% of the income came from just the […]