Mastering Hiring: Greg’s Tips


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Hey there, it’s Greg Winteregg, CEO of Matterhorn Business Development, and I want to talk about something most business owners fear: hiring. Over my 40 years in business, I’ve refined my approach to make this process easier and more effective. I understand that you’d rather be focused on your core activities like creating, delivering, and servicing your customers. So, let’s dive into my hiring tips, starting with a crucial step: defining your company’s purpose.

Define Your Purpose

The foundation of successful hiring begins with a clear understanding of your company’s basic purpose. In my case, as a dentist, I knew that people with teeth tend to live ten years longer on average than those without teeth. Thus, the purpose of my dental practice was clear: to help people live longer through better oral health. When interviewing potential candidates, I always emphasized this purpose. It’s essential to determine their level of interest and enthusiasm for your mission early on. If they align with your purpose, you’re off to a great start.

Tap into Your Network

Now, let’s discuss where to find the right people to interview. First and foremost, turn to your circle of friends. Your friends likely have their own connections, and if you trust their judgment, you’ll likely find candidates who align with your values. Seek recommendations for specific positions within your business, whether it’s accounting, administration, or any other role.

Another valuable source is your customer base. Don’t hesitate to ask satisfied clients or customers if they’d like to join your team. I often hired patients in my dental practice because I had established a strong rapport with them. This approach may seem unconventional to some, but it can lead to dedicated and passionate employees who are genuinely excited about your company’s purpose.

Leverage Professional Relationships

Next, consider reaching out to other professionals in your network. If you’re looking for a specific role, such as an Accounts Manager, contact your banker, broker, or insurance agent. These professionals often have resumes of potential candidates they haven’t hired themselves. I once found a gem of an employee through a resume my broker shared.

As a Last Resort, Use Ads

If you’ve exhausted your personal and professional networks, it’s time to turn to ads as a last resort. I understand that running ads and dealing with strangers can be daunting, and it’s my least favorite approach as well. However, it’s sometimes necessary.

Delegate to Managers

Consider delegating the initial screening of ad responses to your department managers. If you have a manager responsible for the area you’re hiring for, let them handle the first round of interviews. They can tap into their own networks, ask their friends, and narrow down the pool to the top candidates.

This approach not only reduces your workload but also ensures that the person hired will work well under their management. Ultimately, letting your managers hire someone they like can lead to a harmonious and productive team.


In conclusion, hiring doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By understanding your company’s purpose, tapping into your network of friends and customers, leveraging professional relationships, and delegating to your managers, you can streamline the hiring process and find candidates who align with your vision.

Think outside the box and explore these alternative options before resorting to ads and interviews with complete strangers. Trust me; I’ve been there, and I know the importance of building a team that shares your passion and purpose. Thanks for joining me on this journey to master the art of hiring.

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About Greg Wintereg

Greg founded Matterhorn Business Development to assist small business owners in growing their businesses and increasing profitability at the same time.
He was an internationally recognized lecturer, sales trainer, and management consultant who spent close to 30 years working with professionals and small business owners across the US and Canada.
In 2019, he authored his book “Fun at Work.”