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Fun at Work teaches you how to have more time, more freedom and more profit in business.

Discover what your real purpose is, learn how to incorporate that into your career, and actually achieve your goals related to that purpose.

(Available in Paperback, Kindle and Audiobook)


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Quotes From Fun At Work

“Losing in business is never going to kill me. It might hurt my pride, cost me money—possibly bankrupt me, make me look stupid and incompetent etc, but I am not going to lose my life. And because every game I play is driven by my Purpose, I will learn something and come back and eventually win.”​

Greg Winteregg, Chapter 3 – Start Tweet

“As the CEO or Manager, you had better use the people around you. Give them more responsibility. Train them. Keep them engaged in the game. If you don’t, then the best ones will leave for ‘greener pastures’. If you do, you will create a dedicated team that will walk across hot coals for you.”

Greg Winteregg, Chapter 10 – Vision Tweet

“The good CEO builds a team of dedicated executives and employees so the company survives every day while swimming with the sharks.”​

Greg Winteregg, Chapter 6 – Profit Tweet

A Message from the Author

“I have no intention of being motivational. It’s my intention to be real about what we all confront on a daily basis and how to not just deal with it, but to actually win. Just remember, when the people around you win then you win.

My philosophy in life is this: If you know me, you win.

It’s my intention that by knowing me, and us working together, you will have a better life and you will win. So read this book, apply what’s in it in a way that works for you and win!”

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About the Author

Greg Winteregg was an internationally recognized entrepreneur, lecturer and management consultant that specialized in teaching small business owners how to reach the maximum potential for their business. He’s lectured to, and worked with, tens of thousands of business owners in ten countries across three continents and built several successful small businesses himself.

By 38, he’d built his first business up to the point where he was semi-retired prior to selling it and becoming a partner in what has since become one of the largest consulting firms of its kind in North America. He really did have “fun at work” and at the time of his passing was happily working 7 days a week, in 3 different companies, all while making time for his family. His legacy lives on in his book Fun at Work as well as the Matterhorn Business Development YouTube channel.

(Available in Paperback, Kindle and Audiobook)

“I want you to succeed in business, and I want it to be FUN! I want you to be able to treat your life like a game. And it’s my intention that, after reading my book, it becomes easier for you to win.”

Greg Winteregg – Author