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A little bit about us

The Beginning

Our story really starts with the patriarch of our family and our Founder, Greg Winteregg. Greg had spent nearly three decades teaching dentists how to run the business side of their practice (more on that below). His son, Neil, and daughter, Abby, both started working at the company when they were each 16.

Neil started in sales and quickly became a top performer, while Abby rose through the ranks in the finance department, both of them collecting skills and knowledge on the way.

The three started Matterhorn Business Development together with the intention of sharing each of their knowledge and experience with others. 


With Abby and Neil now at the helm of Matterhorn, when you become a Matterhorn client, you really do become a part of our family and we treat you as such.


Greg Winteregg


Greg was an internationally recognized lecturer, sales-trainer and management consultant that has spent close to 30 years working with professionals and small business owners across the US and Canada. In 1992 he became a client at MGE: Management Experts and transformed his struggling dental practice into a production powerhouse in less than a year. By mid-1993, Greg’s practice had more than doubled and ranked in the top 4% of dental practices nationally, all while he was able to cut his working hours to less than 22 a week! With a successful practice and few business issues to fixate his attention, Greg began to look around at the rest of the dental profession. He didn’t like what he saw. His colleagues were struggling – not due to lack of will or a desire to help their patients, but rather a lack of business knowledge. Specifically, the very knowledge Greg learned at MGE to build his practice. Determined to do something about this, Greg joined MGE as a partner in 1994 to make it possible for his fellow dental professionals to share in the same success he had.

Greg hit the ground running from “day 1” at MGE and has been an integral figure in its meteoric expansion. Working with his business partner, and a dedicated team of staff and executives, MGE grew from a staff of 6 or 7 in a couple thousand square feet, to over 70 employees in a 55,000-square foot training facility, and a second location in California. Revenues and production increased by more than 18 times and MGE now serves clients in 48 of the 50 US states and most of Canada. Greg has presented over 2,000 lectures to tens of thousands of professionals and business owners in ten countries across three continents – and has a unique ability to teach management, leadership and sales in a way that produces real results in the real world.

By 2016, MGE had grown organizationally to the point where Greg was able to turn over his day-to-day sales functions, while maintaining his MGE lecture schedule and other responsibilities. Wanting to expand the use of the management system taught at MGE as well as the future of the practice of private dentistry, Greg added three projects to his already busy schedule. The first was Matterhorn Business Development. Using the same successful management principles, he’d been teaching health care professionals, Greg started Matterhorn to export this information to all small business owners outside the health care field.

Always passionate about dentistry and the dental profession, Greg recognized the challenges faced by the private practitioner in today’s corporate dental environment. Resolving to do something about this, Greg formed the Private Dentist Alliance in 2018.

Lastly, in an effort to reach more people, Greg carved out the time to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard…) and complete his first book, “Fun at Work,” published in April 2019.

ceo & Certified Profit First Professional

Abby Johnson

At 16, Abby was a rocker musician looking to make some extra cash for gas money. She started working at Greg’s company making coffee runs and filing papers, but was quickly promoted into their finance department. There, she learned hands-on how to manage complex client accounts, and put systems and organization into places where they weren’t before.

Now, at Matterhorn, she’s our resident organizational genius and Certified Profit First Professional and helps our clients with all things administrative.

After hundreds of hours of mentorship under Greg, she’s now our Chief Mentor, resident organizational genius and Certified Profit First Professional, helping our clients grow and organize their businesses.


Neil Winteregg

Neil started shadowing Greg during sales meetings when he was 16 years old. With braces and a face full of pimples, he started selling management training to dentists. He found a love, and skill, in sales and hasn’t looked back since. After a few years he also became a public speaker and you can often find him on the road speaking across the country. He’s our networking and sales monster, helping our clients increase their close rate like never before.

Results From
Our Clients

Do it... don't wait
“I would tell someone if they're thinking about using Matterhorn business is: do it. ....don't wait, because the success for me happened instantly and it has provided me with more ability to spend more time with my family while my business has continued to run and for me that's really 360 degrees of success.” - T.H.
My business has been booming ever since
“After my very first meeting with Greg Winteregg and his team, they gave me more than hope, they gave me something to do and a perspective to give me a running start. My business has been booming ever since and better than any other time before.” - R.P
Our biggest year financially
“I would say the biggest win that we've had since working with Matterhorn is we've had our biggest year financially that we've had in my 25 years of being a chiropractor. That has just been exciting for us.” -R.B.
Years Of Experience
45 +
cleint retention rate
15 %
Total Client Growth
467 %

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