How to Become The Master of Time – Part 2


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by Greg Winteregg, CEO


In Part One of this series, I wrote about how you must conquer your fear and make a decision.  It’s true that this is the first step. But whatever effort you put into that decision was a complete waste of time unless you do Part Two:


The point here is that you WILL be afraid at some point and you will hesitate to start to execute your decision.  You MUST conquer fear or you will have NO control over your future circumstances. 

Many people advocate sitting down and planning out every step before they start anything.  They carefully calculate what the obstacles are and how those obstacles will be addressed. And they calculate, and calculate, and calculate, and calculate………………..and NEVER START.

Your time is much better spent throwing yourself into it and figuring it out as you go.

My solution is very simple:


Just get started.  It’s impossible to predict what the exact obstacles will be, and the proper solution for them, until you’re in the middle of it.  

If I have seen someone else do it, and it’s real to me that someone of my abilities has done it, then I’m going to figure it out.  And I’m going to start.

I understand that it’s scary, but we talked about that in the last article.  Overcome your fear and START. It’s the only way you will ever accomplish something in life.  

The impulse is to be safe and careful.  But isn’t that exactly what your competition is doing?  

I consider that I don’t have much competition. Why? Because I make a decision, I start and I don’t quit.  If there’s someone else in my field that does that then “Let the games begin, baby!”

“If everything seems under control, you’re just not going fast enough.” Mario Andretti

What is the difference between a Hall Of Fame Quaterback in the NFL and someone who can’t get off the practice squad?  The Hall Of Famer can quickly analyze the defense, decide where to throw the ball and throw it.  

The practice squad QB may be able to do those things, but just not fast enough.

The key is to not just decide, but to then ACT!

My Philosophy:

Losing in business is never going to kill me.  It might hurt my pride or cost me money, but I’m not going to die.

I usually have to lose before I win.

Those who are afraid to lose will never be my competition.


We’ll solve the problems as we go along.


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