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By Greg Winteregg, CEO

What’s the problem?

Isn’t it curious that you can see an advertisement promoting a new business opportunity with the statement “No Selling Involved”?  It makes about as much sense as trying to start a boat dealership in the middle of the Sahara Desert.  

The truth is that no business can survive without products or services being sold.  Even the ‘No selling involved’ ad is trying to sell someone on a business concept.  So why is someone motivated to post this ad?  

There’s only one reason: Many people don’t look favorably on the professional sales representative or the sales profession.  So ‘sell’ has become another four-letter ‘S’ word.

We’ve all been approached by the sales rep that looks like they’re selling an attraction at the carnival” “Hurry, Hurry, Hurry folks.  Come see the only bearded lady in North America!”.   You walk onto the car lot and you’re greeted with “Hey young fella, what’s it going to take to put you in that little beauty today!”  No real difference between the two.  

My Background

I’m Greg Winteregg and I’ve been selling $100k+ services and delivering my own sales training for over two decades.  My clients average a thirty-five percent increase in sales in the first ninety days.  I don’t teach high-pressure sales techniques.  As a matter of fact, the initial phase of my training barely covers the almighty ‘Close’.  Yet, my clients rapidly increase their sales and their customers love them and refer all their friends and relatives.  

How is this possible?

Because I have taken a completely different approach to the profession of Selling. I have my own experiences with being sold—some good, some bad, but here is what sticks through any age:

The customer is standing in front of the rep because they have a problem they are trying to solve.  It is the JOB of the rep to HELP them solve their problem.

It’s amazing how simple this is and how decades of sales books, seminars, and now online training have completely missed this critical point.  

Think about it.  You have a problem you are trying to solve every time you buy something.  You want a coffee so you go to Starbucks.  They help you solve a problem.  You need food bars so you go to the health food store.  Problem solved.  You need a new cell phone……………………..  You get the idea.

Basic Philosophy

I have proven that I can take someone who is struggling and get a rapid increase in sales when I tell them to forget everything they have been taught and just:

  • Care about the person in front of them,

  • Get that person to tell them about the problem they are having.

  • Understand the problem fully,

  • Tell them the solution,

  • Ask them for money for the solution.

By simply doing this, I have had reps who were struggling to sell anything all of a sudden sell five to ten thousand dollars worth of services, or more, in a week.

It really isn’t hard and I try to make it as simple as possible. The only reason that it’s even needed at this point is that there is too much false information out there that lead to giving the sales profession a bad name.

Our goal here at Matterhorn is simply this: Add some sanity and the ability to win back into sales while always making your clients happy.  

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