The Number One Rule in Sales


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By Greg Winteregg, CEO

There’s No Secret…

It is amazing how simple this is and how decades of sales books, seminars, and now online training have completely missed this critical point.  There is an all-encompassing, totally convoluted and hidden “rule” to sales that has been buried deep by new-age techniques and data. There probably wasn’t any hidden agenda behind this burial other than new trainers trying to sound new or trying to explain away their failures to actually sell someone by coming up with special reasons why.

Alright, time to spill

So here is this unearthed secret and the basic rule of everything I teach in my sales training sessions:

The customer is standing in front of the rep because they have a problem they are trying to solve.  It is the JOB of the rep to HELP them solve their problem.

Think about it.  You have a problem you are trying to solve every time you buy something.  You want a coffee so you go to Starbucks.  They help you solve a problem.  You need protein bars so you go to the health food store.  Problem solved.  You need a new cell phone……………………..  You get the idea?

Yes, I can back this up

I wanted to make sure that these weren’t just my experiences so I sent someone to Clearwater Beach on a Saturday afternoon to survey one hundred people about their sales experiences.  Here are the results.

“In regard to sales experiences you have had and sales people you have dealt with…

  • What do you consider or think is bad? 49% said the rep was rude, pushy, had a bad attitude, mean and dishonest.

  • What do you consider or think is awful? 42% said the rep was rude, had a  bad attitude and was pushy.

  • What do you consider or think was unacceptable? 48% said the rep was rude, arguing, dishonest and lying.

Wow!  So nearly half of everyone surveyed was upset with the sales rep  or process.  And whatever these reps are doing is actually upsetting the customer.  Will these prospects go back to that establishment?   

Noo!  Will they refer others?  Most definitely not.  Will they go to a competitor to resolve their problem?  Absolutely!

The effect…

None of this is good for the customer, the sales rep or the company.  

And this is the result of over eighty years of books being written on the subject of sales training!

I’m sure most of these reps have been ‘trained’ and are trying their best; but, we need to confront what they are being trained on.  They’re trained to ‘close’, ‘prospect’, ‘handle objections’, ‘focus on features and benefits’, ‘the customer is always right’, etc…………….

All in all, the problem isn’t the the one doing the selling; and it’s definitely not the customer. It’s the weird ideas out there borne out of a sales “guru’s” inability to sell and creating a new system to compensate for that inability.


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