The Only Real Key to Sales Success


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By Greg Winteregg, CEO

There is a purpose

The sales rep has to make helping the customer the main priority of their job.  

This may sound too simple.  There has to be more to it than that.  Surely it can’t be this easy.  I’m happy to tell you that it most definitely is this easy.

Obviously, a rep needs to know about ‘the close’, ‘pre-qualifying the prospect’, ‘financially qualifying the prospect’, etc.  But in my experience, and the surveys have proven this, if the rep doesn’t care about the prospect and is only interested in the close or the sale, all kinds of bad effects are going to be created.

Think about this

How could a sales rep come across as ‘pushy, rude, not caring and dishonest?’  


Their attention is on themselves, their commission, the close, hitting their quota and an infinite amount of other things that the customer could care less about.  So the moment the sale seems to be slipping away the rep will try to enforce the product or service onto a reluctant prospect using any means possible out of sheer desperation.  

This leads to awful survey results.

Now let’s look at the favorable survey results  

The customers want someone who ‘cares about helping’, ‘friendly’, ‘nice’, ‘has product knowledge’ and ‘honest’.  They are asking for someone to have attention on them and their best interest.  They want help solving their problems.  They want to be told the truth.

So this is about intention and purpose.  If the rep has the intention and purpose to help the customer, we have a better chance of getting the close than if they have their attention on what’s in it for themselves.  The former leads to goodwill and trust; the latter leads to upset customers, bad online reviews and trouble with the boss.

With this as a fundamental foundation of sales success, we can now build on it by training better communication, truly qualifying the prospects, handling objections, the close and everything else that is necessary to become a top sales rep.  

Without having the interests of the customer first, the training for all the rest of the skills is built on sand and will not stand up over time.  This can lead to sixty-five percent of the reps failing and the owner spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on ineffective training, or recruiting fees.

Think about the wasted marketing too!  

I can help

I have proven that I can take someone who is struggling and get a rapid increase in sales when I tell them to forget everything they have been taught and just:

  • Care about the person in front of them

  • Get that person to tell them about the problem they are having

  • Understand the problem fully

  • Tell them the solution

  • Ask them for money for the solution

By simply doing this, I have had reps who were struggling to sell anything all of the sudden sell five to ten thousand dollars worth of services, or more, in a week. It does take training and the right technology, but I have been doing it for 25 years and do it well. For more info about my training program, sign up for our Free Introductory Seminars Here.


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