Marketing 101 For New Businesses Part II


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By Aaron Johnson, CMO

Carrying On…

Alright, in the last issue I went over some basics and dove into Facebook and Instagram. So I thought I’d sum up the rest here.

Here we go…

Google Plus

This is an interesting platform in that it gets both over and underestimated constantly. Google + isn’t as large (yet) as other social media platforms, but it’s an incredible directory. By just having an account and posting all of your blogs and info (really just what you post on Facebook) you’re adding content into Google itself. So do it!

This is getting into the realm of SEO and search rankings.


LinkedIn has taken the professional networking game by storm. Not only can you put up any information, blogs, pictures, events and videos on your business’s page, but you can also throw it out to your network through your page. Their messaging system is also perfect for network marketing.

As a recruiter, I used LinkedIn to find candidates. I’d search for attributes that I wanted to find, search through the candidate’s page and then send them a message. So you can use this as a free lead generation scheme. It is a little time consuming, but it’s worth it.

The best thing that I could recommend would be to just find someone that you think would be interested in what you’re selling, look through their page to find something that you could comment on (work history, interests, schools, etc) and then just send them a message about it.

Speaking Engagements/Networking

Whether you do either of the two depends on what your business focus is. At Matterhorn, we do both networking meetings, as well as getting speaking engagements as a way to give anyone in attendance a quick idea of what we’re about.

If you sell a consumer based product/service, then you probably don’t have too much of a need to speak at business conferences. However, go to any and all network meetings that you can because the name of the game in the beginning is: GET THE WORD OUT!

Paid Ads

Paid Ads can be the greatest lead generation tool you ever use, or they could be the bane of your existence. I strongly recommend that you either hire a pro, or research AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE before you try doing your own paid ads.

Without a good handle on targeting, you could waste a lot of money that you might not have.

That being said, there is a sky-high ceiling for what you can get out of ads. The platforms you use would depend on the type of business you have. The easiest way to figure out where to advertise is to check out the top businesses in your field and see what they do.

One note I want to give is that LinkedIn is an extremely underestimated B2B Ad tool. A lot of marketing companies will shy away from it because they haven’t figured it out yet. If you have a B2B product or service, however; LinkedIn is absolutely worth your time and money.

Summing up

I hope this helps out. Honestly, in order to give you a full picture of how to really get your business off the ground we would have to start a whole new wing of marketing seminars in addition to our sales training. Maybe in near future…

Either way, do your research, find out what the competition is doing and remember that something is better than nothing.

For some other good, free marketing references Neil Patel, Hootsuite Marketing and Hubspot have a lot of great articles. Also, for those of you who aren’t already literary masters (aka about 99% of us) take a look at Copy Blogger for some copywriting training.

Good Luck!


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