Deal Killing Mistakes in Sales


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By Aaron Johnson, CMO

Why do deals fall away?

We’ve defined, described and cleared up what selling truly is and can help double anyone’s sales in no time through our training programs.

In doing so, we’ve found that there are just a couple of points that encompass most sales mistakes and lie at the core of a vast majority of every failed close that our clients have been through.

It comes down to this…

There really are just two simple points that lead to an ability to sell anything. Ignoring these points sums up why objections never seem to stop and why sales keep flying out the window

This is all there is to it:

  1. Have you found the true problem that the prospect is trying to solve?

  2. Do you actually have the solution to that problem?

Honestly that’s it and if you can follow that completely, understand it and use it, you’ll be better than most.

Let’s take a deeper look at this because it can go a lot deeper than simple statements.

Have you found the REAL problem?

So what is the real problem? I promise that 8 out of 10 times the first answer you get when you ask won’t be the big issue that they’re really trying to handle.

Bill the Baker needs new mixing bowls. You sell those, so problem solved… right? No!

Why does Bill need mixing bowls, is he out of them, are his rusting, are they not big enough? The list goes on.

Here’s the trick: dig and dig until you find that gem at the center.

Maybe Bill’s current bowls have a slightly rounded bottom and he spills cake batter all over the place at least once a day. Maybe he feels like he’ll lose his mind and shut down his business if it happens one more time. That’s the golden ticket that you can use to handle ANY objection Bill comes up with about price or, frankly, anything.

So don’t assume you have the key problem when you hear the first or second answer. Really fish for it and make sure that this is something that’s really affecting your prospect, their team, company, family or anything more than just “Bill the Baker needs more mixing bowls.”

Can you solve their problem?

You’ve found their true problem, they’re upset about it and are looking to you for salvation. So, do you have it or not? Honesty is gold in sales. Simply ask yourself if you offer whatever it is that will actually solve your client’s problem.

Maybe you do. If so, great! You can finally help them, tell them how your product and service can handle their problem, and use that hope to close them while always pushing the button of their problem. Do this and the deal is already closed.

However, if you don’t actually offer what they need, don’t mold your description of the product to fit what they want to hear. The worst thing you can do is try to force a band aid onto a problem that requires stitches because your “to-be” client will eventually find out and will resent it. It’s the quickest way to bad PR, ineffective marketing and guarantees that this person will never refer new business to you.

As hard as it seems to let the sale go, it’s the right thing to do if you can’t truly solve their problem.

Get this: Honestly letting a sale go will come back around because you’ve done something that no other Rep has done for this person and they’ll practically glow about you to everyone they know.

Create that effect and you’ll be in business for years to come.


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